El Pase Del Niño


Hi everyone!


From time to time, Alan and I will visit local cafés to get some work done and enjoy a latte or cappuccino or two. I know we are travelling, but we still need WiFi! And it’s nice sometimes to feel some familiarity in a place that has such a different culture and pace of life to “home” – sipping on a coffee together between adventures is a way to unwind and reflect, as well as work on this blog for you guys and other projects.

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Three King’s Day


Hi everyone!!


On January 6th, we were invited by a family member of our lovely hosts to celebrate Reyes Magos (or Epiphany’s Day, known elsewhere are Three King’s Day). Alan and I went along for the ride and caught the tail end of the festivities, between 9ish and 10.45pm. We had missed a couple of hours but it was still a really fun experience.

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