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Bolivia – Salt Flats Tour

Hey everyone!



Our journey has now taken us to the world’s largest salt flats deep in the southern Andes of Bolivia. This region is the epitome of breathtaking sights. There’s everything from hot springs to colored lagoons to petrified coral. There’s even a forest made of humongous, salt grown cactuses!


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Home away from home


Hi everyone!!


I’ve already mentioned how we have been using Airbnb to find places to stay, as opposed to our well-loved, but sort of out of date, Lonely Planet book. The home we are staying at right now has really proved to me why Airbnb is such a success – there is really no other way that we would have found this amazing place.

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My First Blog Entry!


Hi everyone, and welcome to your new favorite source of beauty inspo (I hope!).


My name is Alexandra – or Allie/Alex/Al or some variation of the three – but you can call me Beauty Backpacker 😉 


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Time in Colombia


Hi everyone!


Three and half years ago, Alan and I spent four months backpacking through India, using a Lonely Planet book to guide us for the trip, and we also used a Lonely Planet guide for our tour through Central America. Lonely Planet is an absolute godsend for travelers and gives a lot of great advice on where to eat, must-see places, and recommendations on where to stay. It’s been a while since we picked up our beloved guidebook, though, and it’s safe to say things change pretty quickly, even in places where the pace of life is a lot slower than back home.

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