The Color Run Night in Santiago, Chile

Hi everyone!


Since Alan and I have been working so hard lately, as soon as we saw the color run had come to Santiago it was a must do. Dubbed as the “Happiest 5k on the Planet,” this was exactly what we needed. 


Around 8pm we suited up in our matching “Color Run Night” shirts and headed out for a night filled with blaring music, running (and walking and dancing), and all the colors of the rainbow filling the sky, the streets, and ourselves.


Pre Powder


The race was amazing, there were so many people, and it was really well organized. They sent people on their way in waves, with runners on the left and walkers on the right to avoid being overcrowded.  At each kilometer, we were drenched in a different color, experiencing the fun and freedom of dancing around in the colorful clouds. I felt like a kid again!


After Powder


The course was marked with four color stations (pink, orange, green and yellow). At each station, the designated color bursted in the sky and covered you head to toe. It is magical; seriously, it’s as if you are in another, very colorful world.


We ran through a large park near the Airbnb we are staying, you mainly saw little blue and white lights bouncing up and down while running/walking. It was so freeing, I felt like a rebel, spraying color on other people and trekking glowing powdered paint all over the place.


Hardly even breaking a sweat, we finished the race without feeling like we even started. We joined with our fellow multi colored runners in a Spanish style rave. There was music blaring, people dancing and color everywhere! Everyone was jumping, dancing, and laughing. It was amazing!


They gave us packets of colors which we all blasted into the air after a ten second countdown.  Everyone covered the park in color, and in love. If you ever have the chance to do any type of color run (especially the night) We highly recommend it. This truly was the happiest 5k on the planet, or at least the happiest I’ve ever taken part in.


Have you ever done a color run race?




“Time flies when you are having fun.” – Albert Einstein