Rainbow Mountain / Ausangate Trek


Hi everyone!


So we went trekking once again, and boy did we find it super tough! The hardest one yet!



Sometimes, thanks to my Instagram, people post comments and give us suggestions on places we should visit. Well, we were given advice to check out this amazing mountain that is about three hours from Cusco.  It’s near one of the highest mountains in Peru, called Ausangate which is 6384 meters high (which you will see in the pictures below, it’s the one with the white snow caps behind us).  The mountain that we went to see was called rainbow mountain, which is about 4710 and 5200 meters high.

DSC_1810-2  DSC_1796-2

We were provided a really nice breakfast before we started our trek.  While we were having our breakfast a man stopped to talk to us and our guide, so we offered him some of our breakfast.  He was a Kichwa or Quichua which is a term for the indigenous ethnic group in South America who speak the Quecha language. It was really nice to meet him, he was on his way to heard his alpacas. You will see a picture below with me and him.  After breakfast we started to make our way up a mountain.



It’s about a 3-5 hour hike to the mountain depending how often you stop and how fast you walk.  It took us 4 hours to walk there and about 2 hours back.  On the way up to Rainbow mountain you see some breathtaking views.  The mountains are so beautiful.  Some are a rusty maroon color, so smooth you could slide down the mountain, vibrant green, and some have hints of blue from the rocks and material that is used to make ceramics.  You also will see other snowcapped mountains along the way.  Not only are the views breathtaking but all of the cute alpacas,  llamas, sheep, dogs and horses you see along the way, make the trip so lovely to enjoy all of the wildlife.  The alpacas are always looking at you and smiling at you, it’s pretty cool, and the bahhhhing from the sheep had me cracking up along the trek. You also see children along the way with nothing but smiles on their faces, too cute not to stop and give them a piece of candy.  They like it when you take their pictures, so Alan and I thought of something that is more meaningful than giving candy going further. We will keep you posted on that in a later post.





We had a guide and a driver, we were also supposed to get a horse to carry our lunch and our bags. Unfortunately, that didn’t end up working out, which was a bummer, though we made do on our own as well as we could.  As we started to get closer to the top it started to hail on us!! We couldn’t believe that it was hailing rather than raining. It was unfortunate that it stated hailing when we were getting closer because the skies were getting dark the pictures weren’t great and so we decided to turn around.  It was mainly on my behalf, I was just super exhausted, the altitude was getting to me and I wasn’t feeling well. 

DSC_1817-2 DSC_1820-2DSC_1862-2 DSC_1870-2DSC_1864-2 DSC_1871-2

Though we didn’t get to see the beautiful rainbow mountain in all of its glory we saw some beautiful views, and had an amazing time. We said we aren’t going to climb anymore mountains this year, so we will see if we stick to it.  This was by far the toughest mountain we have climbed yet. 


 What’s the highest mountain you have climbed?





“It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matter in the end.” – Ursula K. Le Guin