Carnaval Festivities

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Hi everyone,


Another weekend, another festival here in South America!


Last Sunday Alan and I went to Perurail to pick up our train tickets to Ollataytambo (the town before Aguas Calientes, where Machu Pichhu is) – we were told we were getting a good deal (return tickets for $114), and kind of lucked out because we left it to the last minute. What can I say? We aren’t great planners, we’re more “go with the flow” kind of travelers.


We went back to our hostel and I was crazy tired – it’s hard to get a good night’s sleep here sometimes, since our dorm-mates like to make a lot of noise! – but Alan suggested we head out instead of taking a nap. On our way to Starbucks (yes, again!) we noticed a lot of people milling around dressed in traditional clothes. I thought maybe it was a Valentine’s Day celebration, but then remembered that Carnaval is still going on – it happens during February, usually on the weekends.


There was a huge parade, people dancing and playing instruments and tons of people running around with water balloons and spraying people with foam. The colors you see are incredible, so bright and beautiful but if, like us, you don’t want to get sprayed your options are fairly limited. You can either be pregnant, have a baby with you or stand near the police. We did the latter since we had our computers with us, but it was so fun to watch. It’s like a huge water fight , with water balloons and water guns and, of course, the foam!


We almost made it back to the hostel without getting sprayed, but a couple managed to get us as they walked by. We hurried the rest of the way back, dodging groups of kids everywhere until we were safely (and dryly!) back at the hostel.


It was a super fun day, these South Americans definitely know how to throw a party! When we got back to the hostel, it was time to work and relax before our big Machu Pichhu hike the next day – stay tuned for that post!

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Too many beautiful and colorful pictures I just had to post!!





“Live and work but do not forget to play, to have fun in life and really enjoy it.”

-Eileen Caddy