Ecuador to Peru


Hi, Beautybackpacker fans!


If you follow my Instagram, which you definitely should by the way, you will know that we have left beautiful Cuenca and have arrived safe and sound in Cusco, Peru.


Two and a half days, and three different buses later we made it. It was quite a journey, leaving on the first bus from Cuenca at 9.30pm (which was only $20 per person) and arriving early the next morning and earning our third passport stamp so far on our journey.


On our way, we passed through many beautiful mountains but, unfortunately I ended up sleeping through a lot of it! Travelling is tiring work, okay! We arrived in Chiclayo, Peru and just missed the connecting bus to Lima. After booking ourselves onto an evening bus to Lima, (which ended up costing us $54 a person), we found that we had almost a full day to fill so we used the time to scope out Chiclayo a little bit. Ultimately, I found it to be quite dirty and very polluted, so it was a “No Bueno!” from me, I’m afraid.


We did manage to find an outdoor mall close to the terminal, though, so we camped out at a Starbucks and took advantage of their free WiFi to get some work done and sip on a couple of Latte’s. We also got to have a little flavor of home in the form of Popeye’s Chicken – there is really nothing like familiar food to bring you some comfort when you’re travelling in a strange city, is there?


Once on our double decker bus, we got settled and watched some movies. A cruise line named Cruz del Sur operated our bus, so it was pretty nice, as far as buses go, I suppose. The seats recline back and all have televisions, a bit like the seats on a plane. We were given a blanket and pillow, which definitely helped us to get comfortable, and they provided dinner and breakfast too – not too shabby, at all! That doesn’t necessarily mean an escape from one of the biggest pitfalls of travelling by bus though – stinky people sitting around you, loud talkers and inconsiderate recliners!


On arrival in Lima, we had another few hours to kill before our next bus to Cusco, Peru (which ended up costing us $54.50/person) so we did a little bit more Starbucks-hopping to finish off some work! We know that bus travel isn’t everyone’s preferred method, but it’s actually one of my favorite ways to travel, I don’t know what it is about it, but I get so excited for the next destination – it’s all about the journey, after all!


Like any good travelers, we had done quite a bit of research on accommodation but our Airbnb option fell through this time because the prices were super high, so we went for a hostel,this time instead, it’s called Ecopackers. We’re staying in a joint room, with 18 twin beds/people. Everyone has their own locker, plus men’s, ladies’ and shared bathrooms and it’s quite comfortable. We have met some lovely and very interesting people. We love that people come and go daily so there are always new faces.


You can find these ladies all over the city, though they want some soles for taking a picture. Nothing in life is free, of course.  Also, this is the alpaca sweater we bought while at “Cajas.”


We have done a lot of exploring and the city is beautiful, surrounded by nature and mountains. We will be camped out at our hostel for another week or so, since I’m waiting for a new debit card to arrive, since an ATM just ate mine!

Luckily my mom was kind enough to mail me a new one. You wouldn’t believe that Fed Ex wanted to charge $116 just for a simple envelope to be sent! The post office, however, will do it for $30 which is more like it!


Have you ever had any ATM or money disasters while travelling? It’s so frustrating!




“It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters in the end.” -Ernest HemingwayDesign_12-01