Hi everyone!

I know it has been a couple of weeks, but we are finally in a good place with good wifi.  So I wanted to write a few blog posts.


We ended up going to Cajas  before we left Cuenca, Ecuador.  We left super early in the morning after having a nice breakfast, prepared by Zilpa which included: some Ecuadorian coffee (which they roast), fried eggs, local bread with homemade jams, and some homemade juice.  It ended up being Alan and I, another couple Alley and Jack (which we became friends with) and Zilpa and Santiago (our hosts) that all went. We took a back route, which we wouldn’t have enjoyed if we would have taken the bus.  The views that we saw were so amazing. The mountains and all of the wildlife we saw were just breathtaking.  


When we arrived we were greeted by some of the locals (who were Zilpa and Santiago’s friends) from a small little village who also guided us on our trek.  They brought a couple horses to ride, though Alan and I didn’t ride. We chose to stick it out on our own without the help of any animals. We were also accompanied by pack of dogs so you only can only imagine how happy I was.



It ended up being a beautiful day for us, though it did sprinkle a little bit, we didn’t let it put a damper on our day.  The altitude though really did make it hard for Alan and I to hike, we got very winded so we would stop often to catch our breath.  I don’t think it helped that we didn’t get much sleep the night before, as we were up late working. We had been acclimated to the altitude, as we had been in Ecuador for about two months, but it really got to us that day.

So I told you all I would post some pictures of our official trip to Cajas, so here they are.


Edible flower we found along the way.



These are our new friends Alley & Jack. They started a company called Taaluma Totes! They travel the world in search for amazing fabrics.  Then, adults with disabilities create the totes in the U.S. and 20% of the profits from the totes go to the tote’s country. They are doing Tote-alley cool things 🙂 To check them out go to their website Taaluma Totes. They were also on one of our favorite shows…. SHARK TANK check it out Shark Tank Episode  (appear at 13:25)!




“Every mountain top is within reach if you just keep climbing.” -Barry Finlay